Assassin’s Creed Origins won’t run at native 4K on Xbox One X after all

Assassin’s Creed Origins made its premiere at Microsoft’s E3

press conference over the weekend and videos of its 4K gameplay on the Xbox One X are already making the rounds.

Digital Foundry got their hands on it and as always, they’ve dissected the gameplay to get at all of the juicy technical details you’re all so thirsty for.

“The game appears crisp and clear, and boasts a level of visual fidelity easily above that of 1440p titles on PS4 Pro. But…does the game actually deliver on Microsoft’s full 4K promise? Is it native?

“Well in terms of delivering true 4K pixel counts, then Assassin’s Creed Origins falls short. Ubisoft are instead utilising checkerboard rendering in order to hit that UHD target. But at the same time, raw metrics don’t tell the whole story.” We don’t know the details on the PS4 Pro version yet, and the lack of native 4K in this instance isn’t completely unexpected, given that a number of Xbox One X titles will use checkerboarding techniques.


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