Battlefield V: New Mercury map Revealed With a Release Date set for next week.

A new map for Battlefield V in the Third chapter of Tides of War , has just been announced with a brand new trailer after a long dry spell . DICE Describes the new location as a dynamic vertical map with a planned release date set for next week 30 May 2019 .

In addition to the announcement of the new Mercury map a brand new trailer has also been revealed, Presenting the mediterranean themed landscape along the cretan coast. DICE Suggests lovers of the Monte Grappa Map ( Battlefield 1) And Altai Map ( Battlefield 4 ) Should love this new location . As we Participate in massive Allied and Axis battles based on the real events of Operation Mercury. Just like the other chapters, Tides of War will let you tackle weekly events to earn rewards, and as you progress through the chapter, Where further unlocks await.

You can watch the new reveal trailer below !!!

Information about the Mercury map

“Join a massive aerial invasion along the Cretan coast. The Allied side is desperate to cling to the island under attack by the Axis, attempting to break through the British defenses air superiority and paratroops . This map brings all-out war defined by a power struggle between tank control versus air superiority.”

Straight from the developers, here are a handful of pointers that will help you and your squad win the day.

Four Tips for Success on Mercury

  • Stay alert! In a map as vertical as Mercury, attacks can come from unexpected directions and there are many flanking routes to keep an eye on.
  • Assist your vehicles! The terrain is treacherous; help those behind wheels survive through repairs or by taking out enemy Assault players. Support your pilots by eliminating AA emplacements or vehicles.
  • Build Fortifications! Mercury’s rough and rugged terrain can be unforgiving, but a few sandbags can absorb incoming fire when the chips are down.
  • Flank! Don’t get bogged down in head-to-head encounters. Use the beach and the hills to your advantage.

Set during Operation Mercury, the Battle of Crete was fought between May 20th and June 1st 1941. The map depicts the German airborne assault on the Greek island, garrisoned by the British since the Italianinvasion of mainland Greece in October 1940.

forces managed to capture Maleme Airfield within the first two days, allowing them to airlift in reinforcements to overwhelm the Allied defensive positions, who subsequently withdrew south, precipitating an evacuation of the island by sea. Despite their victory, the heavy cost of the operation in both men and materiel forbade Germany from the use of large-scale airborne landings for the remainder of the war !!!

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