Bright Memory a indie FPS game made by a single developer Looks Amazing

Bright Memory is one of those special indie projects that almost look like they were made with an AAA budget. Developed by a single man, Zeng Xiancheng.  Sometimes we underestimate indie developers and exspect mediocre visual quality due to the limitations of their resources. But bright memory looks great both in terms of graphics and gameplay. The game runs on the  Unreal Engine 4 and it was built using Blueprints only.



Bright Memory is so impressive that Epic Games recently awarded Zeng Xiancheng a spot in the latest round of their Unreal Dev Grants contest . Where one of 15 games will be awarded a prize of $ 204,000.

Little is known about the game mechanics other than it’s a first-person shooter where you can use guns as well as swords to unleash combos. It will be single player only and provide a linear story, though that’s perfectly understandable given the constraints of the developer.


Zeng Xiancheng saif the User Interface (UI) has been inspired by games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Zeng Xiancheng plans to release this game for PC next year with VR support


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