Darksiders Genesis : Everything we Know So Far, New Gamescom Gameplay and News

Darksiders Genesis brings a new perspective to the near decade-old hack and slash series

Fans of the Darksiders franchise hold on to your seats, because later this year THQ Nordic brings us a fresh new angle to this hack and slash series, nearly a decade old, moving from its classic third person action-adventure style, to a Diablo style action packed RPG complete with isometric camera angle. To prepare us for it’s release later this year, we have compiled everything we know so far about what to expect from Genesis. From storyline to gameplay, to release date and details about the game’s super limited edition, we have got you covered.

Darksiders Genesis New Gamescom 2019 Trailer

Genesis Story Darksiders Genesis follows two Horseman of the Apocalypse: War and Strife – the two main characters in the game. Darksiders fans will recognise both of these characters – War was a playable character in the first episode of the franchise – and Strife has taken a backseat appearance in all the games – only now finally becoming playable for the first time. His temperament is described as egocentric, determined and short fused.

The story takes place before the events of Darksiders 1. The demon king, Lucifer, has “been plotting to upset the Balance by granting power to master demons throughout Hell,” and the two Horsemen have been tasked with stopping them. Players will “fight their way through a tangled, demonic conspiracy that threatens to forever upset the Balance and unravel all of creation,” according to THQ.

Darksiders Genesis as the name suggests is a prequel to the whole series and the game takes place before the events within Darksiders 1. This makes it a great choice not only for returning fans, but players new to the franchise. The two Horseman have been tasked with putting a stop to the demon king himself, Lucifer – who has “been plotting to upset the Balance by granting power to master demons throughout hell”. According to THQ, Genesis players must “fight their way through a tangled, demonic conspiracy that threatens to forever upset the Balance and unravel all of creation”. No pressure!

Gamescom 2019 Genesis Gameplay lines up to be very much a classic Darksiders

Watch The New Gamescom 2019 Gameplay walkthrough Below

Genasis lines up to be very much a classic Darksiders game in many ways, but has some notable differences. The structure of the gameplay will be mostly familiar to Darksiders fans, featuring “puzzle-solving, exploration, intense combat, epic boss battles and serpent holes from heaven to hell.”

The main difference noted is the above-mentioned isometric top-down camera angle, different from the third person perspective Darksiders players will be used to – but developers say this enables more freedom when it comes to certain combat abilities. Alongside this, Genesis also announces a new two-player co-op gameplay mode – in which each player takes control over either War or Strife. When played solo, gamers will have the ability to switch between both characters – enabling them to utilise the best of their abilities where most useful.

War is a melee based character, whilst Strife – a gun specialist – is most useful controlling the battle from the periphery. Despite this he still carries blades for when things get up close and personal. When played co-op, Genesis has a mechanic called “synergy” – which developers claim was aimed to game-ify the idea of brothers fighting back to back having an advantage. When the synergy meter is full, each player can unleash a special power move.

Again staying akin to the Darksiders we know and love, both characters can also build up their Chaos meter enabling them to enter “Chaos form”. War’s chaos form will be familiar to fans, but Strife’s is like something pulled straight out of hell – OP fire demon anyone? Developers warn characters in chaos mode are capable of “wreaking significant havoc”.

Genesis Developer

Darksiders Genasis cinematic Trailer

Darksiders Genesis is under development by Airship Syndicate, a studio based in Texas with a 40-person team. According to THQ, the two lead developers Madureira and Ryan Stefanelli, were co-founders of the original studio to work on the Darksiders franchise, Vigil Games. The studio made its debut in 2017 with Battle Chasers: Nightwar. This title earned a massive 8.0 in IGN’s review – which complimented the game naming it “a skillfully modernised rendition of retro JRPG goodness.”

Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition The Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition offers super fans the chance to get their hands on a highly limited version (only 5000 copies in production). This special edition package will include not only the game itself, but several extras: The official soundtrack, Darksiders: The Forbidden Land Board Game, Artbook, Steelbook, stickers, and a nine-inch tall Strife figurine. This will retail at $380USD Darksiders Genesis Collector’s Edition and Pre orders For those who can’t afford the price tag on the Nephilim Edition, THQ have announced a slightly lower

Genesis Release Date and Platforms Darksiders Genesis is due due to be released late in 2019 on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PlayStation 4. Sadly we havent heard an actual date yet but watch this space!

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