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Destiny 2

Having been a Destiny player since the beta, grinding and slogging through the lack of end game content of the Vanilla and eagerly awaiting the expansions to drop Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and now the current Rise of Iron, it’s safe to say I’m more than looking forward to destiny 2. Since its release on September 14th 2014 we’ve had almost three years since the release of Destiny.

While it has been by no means perfect, it has at least been fun, challenging and has that certain something that keeps us coming back for more. Be it that one last armour piece, shader or a weapon that’s been eluding you. Giving us a weekly reset where we get to do it all again has certainly kept players interested and engaged. Even to the point to the creation of independent websites and mobile applications allowing people to find and build fireteams to tackle these challenges together and make new friends in the process, creating a whole new online community full of people willing to help each other out.


From original Nightfalls with no checkpoint where if your whole fireteam goes down its back to orbit and have to start from scratch, to six man Raids and now Raid Challenges. Not to mention trying to go flawless in Trials of Osiris. There has been lots of memorable moments.

So what’s coming in Destiny 2?, what will remain and what new additions will our faithful guardians get?

Bungie hasn’t given lots away, but here’s what we know so far…

destiny 2 sub classes

Sub classes

Sub classes will be returning in Destiny 2 but have received an overhaul, now only two sub classes per character are confirmed so far, the new classes will be replacing some of the old ones with new additions, gone are Sunsinger Warlocks, Defender Titans and Arc Blade Hunters, and will be replaced by:

Arcstrider for Hunters:
Not to dissimilar from the current arc blade class, however now it’s the Hunters turn to embrace the Force as a Destiny Darth Maul you’ll get a fancy lightning staff to whack people with, the lightning, very cool.

Sentinel for Titans:
If you’re more Marvel than Star Wars Bungie has your back, you get an impenetrable void shield which can be hurled into enemies, ricocheting of faces, very much captain America style and again very cool.

Dawnblade for Warlocks:
You get a flaming sword and flaming wings, which allow you to float in mid-air, tossing flaming energy blasts in every direction.

Also returning are Gunslinger, Striker and Voidwalker with some changes, Strikers no longer have one slam per super but multiple, Gunslingers can use up to 6 golden gun shots depending on set up, there’s not been much information about Voidwalker, but from the little footage we’ve seen the nova bomb seems to travel slower and creates Axion bolts.

A new addition is a third passive ability which is the same for both classes,

Titans get a choice of two barricades, a larger one and a smaller one which resupplies ammo for your current weapon.

Warlocks get a rift that can be placed on the ground, with a choice of Healing rift (self-explanatory) or Empowering rift, which increases the damage of anyone standing in it.

Hunters get a dodge ability similar to shade step from the current Nightstslker sub class, with a choice of marksman dodge which reloads your current weapon or gamblers dodge which will give you a melee charge of performed close to enemies.

All these new passive abilities will have a cool down timer.


destiny 2 weapons

Weapon categories

The way weapons are categorized in Destiny 2 will receive an overhaul as well, where Destiny had Primary, Special and Heavy with the potential to have all three with elemental damage. Destiny 2 will have Kinetic , Energy and Power weapons, now this may not sound too different but there are some considerable changes to note,

Kinetic weapons are simply energy weapons with no elemental damage, also worth noting is energy weapons will do bonus damage to guardians using a super, which should bring a good deal of balance to the Crucible considering the new more roaming versions of supers.

Energy weapons are any non-power weapons with elemental damage on them so any of the following,
Pulse Rifle,
Auto Rifle,
Hand Cannon,
The new Sub Machine Gun

Power weapons are where all the big hitters can be found here ie,
Fusion Rifles,
Sniper Rifles,
Rocket launchers,
Not forgetting the all new Grenade Launchers

This new system seems to have been designed with Crucible in mind, with secondary weapons like shotguns and snipers dominating the crucible for so long the change to move them into the power weapon slot will be a welcome addition not to mention relief to lots of players.

 The Crucible

The Crucible will be returning in Destiny 2, but again it will be receiving an overhaul, the previous mentioned changes to weapon classes will have a noticeable effect on how matches play out in Destiny 2’s Crucible. Bungie are now also making it a 4v4 affair, smaller teams and most likely smaller maps should encourage a more team focused gameplay.

The only Crucible footage we’ve seen so far showcases the new game mode Countdown, an attack defend mode in which one team must plant and then defend a bomb at one of two locations. The opposing team must stop them planting the bomb or defuse it if it is planted, much like “Search and Destroy” from Call of Duty or “Rush” from Battlefield.

There’s been no information on what other game modes will be returning or even if there’s going to be any new modes added. But at a guess I’d say “Clash” will return, the classic ‘whoever gets the most kills wins’ mode is the foundation of all online shooters but aside from that who knows, some modes such as “Control” could struggle under the new 4v4 setup if points scoring and map sizes stay the same.

Another noticeable addition to the new game mode was revive tokens, each player starts with one and when someone goes down you have to use a token, if neither player (the reviver or the downed player) has one then they cannot be revived until someone with a token comes along.

Another interesting and possibly frustrating point to note is that power ammo was only given to the person who picked it up, whether these are just a feature of the game mode or will be in all game modes remains to be seen.

Grimoire and overall story.

Now if like me, you were disappointed with the in-game narrative of Desinty (or lack there of) but found yourself desperate to know more about The Golden Age, The Collapse, the enemies we’re fighting and many characters and other lore aspects of the Destiny universe then you’d of found yourself forced to head away from the game itself to to read the grimoire cards (providing you’ve unlocked them ‘in game’ and if not to YouTube where dedicated people have spent hours upon hours compiling, editing and producing hours of lore content.

It’s my firm belief that these people have filled the hole left by Bungies story telling and have done an exceptional job. That said back to the grimoire cards, now this isn’t extra content like comics in the halo franchise, this is the core fiction of the universe and it’s inaccesiable in-game.

Bungie have also said that Destiny 2 contains more cutscenes than any game they e done to date.

Bungie does not want to repeat this mistake again, in response to a question from Forbes about whether the game will feature grimoire cards

Steve Cotton, world design lead on Destiny 2, said;

““The answer to that question is ‘no’ and the reason it’s ‘no’ is because we want to put the lore in the game,”

“We want people to be able to find the lore,” Cotton continued. “All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign and it’s told through scannables you find throughout the world.” Adventures are a new element in Destiny 2, unique side missions with their own mechanics and rewards that players will discover as they explore. This sounds brilliant and is a welcome change for the most part but something like the book of sorrow (the grimoire detailing the history of oryx) would be almost impossible to tell in game, so I hope they implement some form of in-game codex for the more in depth lore, though I don’t hold out much hope that they will.”


Destiny 2 features four new locations for Guardians to explore: Earth, Titan, Io and Nessus.

Earth in Destiny 2 won’t be the same place players remember from Destiny. Instead the action on Earth will move from Old Russia to the European Dead Zone for Destiny 2.


destiny 2 planets

Destiny 2’s Planets:

“It’s an incredible place — the largest destination we’ve ever built, easily, by a factor of two,” said Destiny 2 project lead Mark Noseworthy.
It won’t be completely unfamiliar to Destiny players: Two Crucible maps from the original game, Memento and Widow’s Court, are set in that region and the European dead zone is the location of a camp that the Vanguard has set up. It’s the new home base for humanity known as ‘the farm’ ”

With the Speaker missing, the Tower in ruins and we Guardians stripped of our light and forced out beyond the wall we must first track down our mentors and show them all is not lost but where did they go after the fall of the “Last city”

It has been revealed that the three vanguard mentors (Ikora, Cayde-6 and Zavala) will each head to one of the other new locations, Io, the innermost moon of Jupiter. It’s the last place in the solar system that the Traveler touched before the collapse, and that makes it a very mysterious place. Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard, returns to this moon to look for answers.

Cayde-6, gets stuck in a portal on Nessus (classic Cayde), a planetoid that orbits the sun somewhere in the region of Uranus and Neptune. The Vex have taken over this small chunk of rock, which features canyons full of unique native vegetation, and have essentially turned it into one of their machine worlds.

Finally there’s Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. True to life, the moon’s surface features seas of liquid methane — in fact, Titan is home to “an old human utopia” that is “sinking into the ocean,” said art director Michael Zak. There aren’t any landmasses on Titan; Guardians will navigate platforms surrounded by the sea. Commander Zavala, the Titan Vanguard, travels to the moon to recuperate after the Cabal attack on Earth.


Clans are finally becoming an active part of Destiny 2, whilst Destiny has always had clans they did little more than add a tag and possibly a funny name to your emblem (kicked in the cabals anyone?) Destiny 2 will change that and bring clans to the forefront, no longer will you have to go to bungies website to access your clan, it will be accessible in game allowing Guardians to see the live roster of their entire clan and create fireteams easily.

Bungie also announced that there would be a new reward system across your clan. The details are still unclear, but it appears as though completing content in Destiny 2 will net rewards for the entire clan. Clans will also have customizable banners and descriptions that will help players looking for a new group get an idea of that clans look, attitude and playstyle.

Clans will be easier to join, give you rewards and allow you to help solo players complete content through the new Guided Games feature. While you still don’t have to join a clan, Guided Games make clans matter to you even as a solo player.
This new system will help both clans and solo players come together, had a clan member drop out just before a raid? No problem guided games will match you with a solo player looking to complete the same activity and vice versa, all in all it’s a welcome addition as anyone who’s trawled tons of lfg posts trying to find a group to raid with will tell you.

All in all destiny 2 is looking like a solid sequel, with a few months to go until the release and a beta dropping the back end of July there’s bound to be a few tweeks and changes implemented of the back of it, but we’re almost there guardians you’ll be able to explore it all yourself when Destiny 2 launches Sept 8. on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.


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