DESTINY 2 – New Legends will rise on September 8


The last time we saw Destiny 2 (coincidentally was also the first time it was shown publicly) developer Bungie revealed the game to a packed theater in Los Angeles. The presentation included the first look at Homecoming, an action-lack campaign stage that takes place at the Tower in the middle of a Cabal invasion. We got the low-down on Dominus Ghaul, the sequel’s big villain who wants to control the Traveler’s light (aka the source of a Guardian’s power in Destiny). From there, Bungie and Activision used the the reveal event to give us a high-level overview and set expectations for Destiny 2.

Bungie has finally pulled the curtain from Destiny 2, revealing the very first gameplay including all of the new planets, modes, raids, strikes and more. You can find the official gameplay trailer below:

Why We’re Hyped for Destiny 2?

As someone who’s spent over 670 hours playing Destiny since it launched in 2014, it’s safe to say that I am incredibly hyped for Destiny 2. The campaign mission showed some big spectacle and effects at the reveal event, as Cabal brutes rained from the sky in an all-out assault on Humanity’s last bastion. The new Super abilities for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock also look equally impressive. But I also saw a reason to remain slight optimistic: the new Strike mission, called Inverted Spire, looked a little bland by comparison. The minute-to-minute gunplay looked a little too familiar, despite the slight visual improvements to the setting and the impressive new end boss. It was a firm reminder to me that even though Destiny 2 is meant to be a bigger, better sequel, it shares a lot of tech, animations, and ideas from the original game

Is there a Destiny 2 release date? September 8

What’s new about Destiny 2? We have our first big gameplay trailer

Destiny 2 price? £46.99

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