10 things we know About Destiny 2’s First expansion, Curse of Oisris launches Dec. 5

Bungie debuted its first Destiny 2 Curse of Oisris expansion at PlayStation Media Showcase during Paris Games Week. The trailer’s punchy action beats coupled with dialogue filled will ill portent gave a tantalising tease as to what to expect from Curse of Osiris.

Bungie’s post-show presentation opened with an extended look at that cinematic which’ll set up the events that lead into Curse of Osiris. A clash between a Fireteam and a Vex army is interrupted by the time-travelling Warlock Osiris, who freezes time mid-battle to more comfortably continue his own, still unknown, mission. But he’s stopped in his tracks by the Vex, who suddenly and mysteriously reactivate. The last we see is him outnumbered and fighting for his life.

As previously announced, the DLC will add “a new quest, new missions, new strikes, new adventures, and the new raid activity”. Does that mean a whole new raid? “A new raid activity,” Bungie repeated.

10 things About Destiny 2’s Expansion, Curse of Oisris launches Dec. 5

1) Level and Power increases

Players will be able to level up to 25 and boost their Power Level from the current max of 300 up to 330 (with legendary mods presumably still able to push you five levels beyond that).

 2) New Ghost, Sagira

The Curse of Osiris will introduce Sagira (voiced by Firefly and Homeland’s Morena Baccarin), a new female Ghost which belonged to Osiris before she became separated from him. Destiny: House of Wolves character Brother Vance, who previously organised the Trials of Osiris tournament, will also return as part of the story.

10 things About Destiny 2’s Expansion, Curse of Oisris launches Dec. 5

3) A new social space in a familiar area: the Lighthouse

Originally only seen by the best Trials of Osiris players, the Lighthouse is now open to all with its Destiny 2 debut. It’s “new and improved” according to Bungie, with plenty of mysteries to discover.

4) Osiris: the most powerful Warlock in history

Veteran of the Battle of Six Fronts, Twilight Gap, former Vanguard Commander and former apprentice of the Speaker. Osiris was exiled from the city for his misuse of resources and obsessions with the Vex. Called “kind of a badass” by Bungie, Osiris is an exiled Guardian. Although unseen up to now, his notoriety precedes him: he gave name to the original Destiny’s intense Crucible event, Trials of Osiris.


5) A whole new planet to explore

There’s a brand new location joining the planets we know and love in Destiny 2, and in Curse of Osiris we’re going to Mercury. It has quite a different feel to any of the other planets, with a kind of golden hue. But it’s also home to a place known as the Infinite Forest. This strange place is a simulated reality in the middle of time controlled by the Vex.

10 things About Destiny 2’s Expansion, Curse of Oisris launches Dec. 5

 6) A familiar face To Guide you

Brother Vance is stepping away from his Trials of Osiris role for the sequel expansion, and will play your guide during the events of the expansion, leading you to the Infinite Forest to locate Osiris.


10 things About Destiny 2’s Expansion, Curse of Oisris launches Dec. 5

7) The Infinite Forest promises more spectacular sci-fi backdrops

Bungie’s proved it can create evocative sci-fi landscapes: the Infinite Forest is just the latest example. Described by the studio as a “simulated reality in the middle of time controlled by the Vex”. The single screenshot that’s used to tease the new locale alone is wallpaper-worthy.


8) A story set after Destiny 2

The whole story of Curse of the Osiris is focused on him. It starts out with Ikora sending you to Mercury on a mission to find Osiris, who just happens to have the answers humanity needs to stop the onslaught of the Vex. It’s on Mercury that a mysterious ancient portal has sparked to life. Vex from across the timelines are streaming out of it, and have battling on their mind. They’re hellbent on taking out humanity once and for all, and you’ll need Osiris’ knowledge to stop them.

This is the first time that the Destiny series has really delved into the Vex and their backstory, and Curse of Osiris is going to tell you a lot about them, it seems. Osiris though disappeared into another ancient gate on Mercury, one which leads to the Infinite Forest.


9) It wouldn’t be a Destiny expansion without more Quests, Strikes, Missions…

Curse of Osiris comes packed with content. A new Quest, Missions, Strikes, Adventures and Raid activity will soon make Mercury feel like your new home for the long-term as you start tackling those new milestones.

10 things About Destiny 2’s Expansion, Curse of Oisris launches Dec. 5

10) Some Brand new characters

Obviously the clue is in the name here, but Destiny 2’s first expansion is focused on a brand new character called Osiris. He’s been mentioned plenty in the original game and its sequel, and he’s steeped in lore, but this is the first time we’ll be seeing him in the flesh. He’s classed as the most powerful Warlock ever to live and was actually mentor to our very own Ikora Rey. He happens to be a Dawnblade too, which – as we all know – is the best Warlock subclass. But he’s also rather notorious and has gone missing in exile, with Ikora now doing everything she can to find him.

And that’s where another new character comes in – Sagira. She’s actually Osiris’ Ghost and trusted companion. It’ll be her that guides you through space and time to find Osiris himself – marking the first time a Guardian has ever spoken to another Ghost. She’s got a similar sort of personality to Failsafe – our favourite sassy AI – and, just to make her even more cool, she’s voiced by none other than Morena Baccarin, of Firefly fame.

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