Digimon Survive’s First Trailer Revealed upcoming monster-based RPG

The first trailer for Bandai Namco’s upcoming game Digimon Survive was revealed during a Digimon live-stream today,  Which showed off some of the other human characters, and a look at the grid-based gameplay. The upcoming monster-based RPG was announced a week or so ago and the game’s set to be a mix of visual novel-style character interaction and tactical turn based combat. Blending 2D characters and Digimon with 3D environments.

Apart from Agumon, Minoru, Aoi, Shuji, and Saki are the four human characters shown off in the game. Floramon will also be a Digimon partner for one of the characters as well.

Digimon Survive First Trailer Revealed upcoming monster-based RPG

The protagonist – Takuma Momotsuka – is transported to a mysterious world. He and others must survive in this unknown location while exploring and making various decisions. The story will evolve as you progress, and the final outcome depends on the choices you make. You could even lose characters along the way. In regards to the turn-based battles, there’ll be around 100 playable Digimon. Evolution consumes energy and can be extended by interacting with allies and enemies during battles.

Battles are turn-based and grid-based. There will be around 100 playable Digimon in the game, and they can Digivolve spending EP (energy points). Some EP is recovered every turn. Finally, Bandai Namco confirmed once again that a new Digimon Story game is in development.


Digimon Survive releases in 2019 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch



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