EA sports UFC 3 – Release Date , New Trailer & More Microtransactions

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for EA Sports UFC 3 , and it focuses on a great new addition that will have enthusiasts creating their own custom superstar.

EA Sports has made notable strides in the last couple years by crafting robust and sometimes memorable campaigns, single-player modes that are arguably as appealing as the online components. Madden 18 and FIFA 18 featured strong narratives with pre-conceived protagonists.

UFC 3 trailer – How’s it look?

You can give the latest trailer for UFC 3 a look below:

Xbox One users who subscribe to EA Access will get the first crack at EA Sports UFC 3 in late January. Ea access announced on twitter , That the full game will be available for download for EA Access subscribers on January 25

Bruce Lee Confirmed for EA Sports UFC 3

The legacy of martial arts legend Bruce Lee continues to live on, as EA Sports have confirmed that the Jeet Kune Do pioneer will make another appearance in their upcoming MMA simulation, UFC 3.

The Enter the Dragon star passed away in 1973 having never fought professionally, but he has long been heralded as being the most influential martial artist of the 21st century. Indeed, UFC president Dana White once called Lee “the father of mixed martial arts”, and a number of world-class MMA athletes have credited Lee as being influential to their career in one way or another – from inspiring them through his movie roles, to his philosophical approach to training.

It came as little surprise, therefore, when EA Sports elected to include the late martial artist as an unlockable character in both of its forays in MMA combat so far: 2014’s UFC and 2016’s UFC 2. This week, the developer confirmed that Lee will once again return in next month’s UFC 3


Electronic Arts made a lot of headlines during the 2017 holiday season with its Star Wars Battlefront II’s microtransaction controversy . Brian Hayes, UFC 3’s creative director detailed how microtransactions will work for UFC 3, which will be exclusive to the Ultimate Team mode, “There are no microtransactions except in Ultimate Team. It’s similar to how it was in UFC 2. You can fight head-to-head against other people and earn coins, you can fight offline against the CPU avatar version of another person, and you can take on single-player scenario objectives in Ultimate Team.

All these activities earn you coins. You can spend these coins on item packs or you can buy UFC points to buy item packs. You can buy UFC points in Ultimate Team but they get you nothing outside of Ultimate Team. If you are not interested in microtransactions, you still can play Ultimate Team.”

UFC 3 release date – When’s it out?

EA Sports UFC 3 launches on February 2, 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One. It takes advantage of the additional power from PS4 Pro and Xbox One X in a very bizarre way, which we’ll come to later. those who pre-order on any platform will have access on January 30. The EA Access date gives subscribers the game the earliest of all. After the well-received beta, fans of the sport and gaming are likely eagerly awaiting its release.

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