FAR CRY 5 New shovel Gun & All alternate Endings – (Walk Away /Resist/Secret)

The Newest FarCry 5  update & live event ”White Collar Job ”, Starts today !!!

The new live event for farcry 5 will also reward players the intriguing shovel launcher upon completion. The shovel launcher  basically works like an RPG but with shovel heads instead of grenades. You can only hold three shots at a time before you run out, but fortunately you can run around collecting any shovels fired from your gun for reloading.

FARCRY 5 New shovel Gun & All alternate Endings - (Walk Away /Resist/Secret)

There still hasn’t been any word on when the story-based DLC will arrive. But the game has been getting weekly events and new online multiplayer maps. With the addition of this week’s event,  With Title Update 5, players can now redo the character creation process whenever they like. There have been more crashing fixes, as well as fixes for issues that rendered players unable to complete missions.

To get the outlandish gun, you’ll need to collect ten collars. If the community hits its targets, you’ll also score a special shirt.

FarCry 5 continues a Ubisoft  tradition of multiple outcomes as part of it’s modern game entries,  There are three endings you can earn in Far Cry 5,

  • Resist Ending
  • Walk Away Ending
  • Secret Ending

FARCRY 5 New shovel Gun & All alternate Endings - (Walk Away /Resist/Secret)

The final mission in is more than a little strange.  After going to great lengths to kill  all three of Joseph Seed’s Heralds  you’re told to head to Joseph’s compound where the game started.  During the final mission, you’ll get the option to “Resist or Walk Away”. Select Resist . There is one secret FarCry 5 ending that is easily missed from near the start of the game.

To watch all 3 endings click here


The following ending occurs if you choose “Walk Away” when confronting Joseph Seed after liberating all three regions of Hope County.


  • This ending is what happens when you choose “Resist” when confronting The Father at his compound after liberating the other regions of Hope County.


  • In the prologue, when approaching Joseph Seed, you are told to arrest him. Refuse to arrest him by doing nothing for two minutes to begin this ending.

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