Phil Spencer says he wants Fortnite PS4 vs. Xbox One cross-play

Microsoft reveals Sony is blocking Fortnite PS4 vs. Xbox One cross-play . In the past few days, we’ve learned that Fornite cross-play between consoles , PC, Mac, and mobile devices is coming soon, But PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play against all platforms except Xbox

One of the greatest innovations in this console generation is the widespread introduction of cross-platform play, be it in Rocket League, Gwent or Ark Survival Evolved. This feature allows friends to play together regardless of their chosen.

Phil Spencer says he wants Fortnite PS4 vs. Xbox One cross-play

In a new statement to Kotaku, Microsoft is directing the blame squarely towards Sony.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer and developer Epic Games have said they would like to see cross-play added between the two competing home consoles on Fortnite .  This played out over Twitter this weekend. Someone asked Spencer if there would be cross-play, saying they would really like to see the feature added. “Me 2,” Spencer said. Later in the thread, Epic jumped in to voice its own support, exclaiming “We 3!”


From a technical standpoint, the ability for PS4 and Xbox One owners to play online together in games like Rocket League & Fortnite  is more than possible, but to date, Sony has not given its consent to allow it to happen. In recent months Microsoft has done a lot to improve their position in the console market, delivering their more powerful Xbox One X console and improved backwards compatibility support, a feature which the PS4 lacks.

On the flip side, Sony’s PlayStation 4 ads always state “for the players,” and blocking cross-play isn’t exactly adhering to that message. Still, opening the PS4 up to playing against PC, Mac, and mobile players is a good first step,

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