Gadgets From CES 2017 Razer Project Valerie We cannot wait to see .

Razer Project Valerie



When you’re using a laptop for doing work, playing video games, and streaming Netflix, one screen isn’t always enough. So why not include three? Razer’s Project Valerie concept does just that by adding two foldable displays that expand out from the primary screen in the center. Each display is 17 inches diagonally and supports 4K resolution, and Razer says they can be used independently or together as one giant display. The downside: it weighs 12 pounds, which isn’t unacceptable for a beefy gaming laptop but is way more than the average notebook.


Mohu Airwave


While cord-cutting has improved the binge-watching experience in many ways, its Achilles heel has always been its lack of local broadcast TV offerings. Antenna maker Mohu hopes to address this with its new Airwave, a $150 wireless antenna that brings local channels to platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, and iOS. It makes live TV viewable through an app, making it possible to access in the same way you would Netflix or Hulu.

Asus Zenfone AR

Asus is betting that in the near future we’ll be using our phones for way more than hailing Ubers, playing games, and video chatting. The Zenfone AR, as its name implies, is built to provide augmented and virtual reality experiences. It supports two platforms created by Google to enable these technologies: Tango and Daydream, meaning its hardware is tailored to track motion, perceive depth, and learn about its surroundings to run AR and VR apps.

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