Gaming company launching a smartphone more powerful than Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & iPhonex

Gaming company Razer  known to a lot of gamers for its high-end cutting-edge laptops and accessories is set to release it’s first smartphone  . The gaming hardware company has announced it will be holding an event on November 1,  For the upcoming phone which is  set to rival the Apple iPhonex and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8Razer revealed a teaser image of its new upcoming smartphone device on it’s offical Twitter page .

While the screen and  storage space will be on a par with those other flag ship smartphones on the market, One interesting feature of this new smartphone , Is the 8GB of RAM.

Currently most highend smartphones Only host 4GB RAM, while few flagship models have 6GB. So Razer’s new handset might have an advantage over what most other flagship smartphones offer. A listing on GFXBench suggested the phone might have a 5.7-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. A Snapdragon 835 processor, a rear 12-megapixel camera  and front 8-megapixel camera. With 64GB of internal storage.

gaming phone to compete wth iphonex and glaxynote8

Earlier this year the gaming hardware company bought the smartphone manufacturer called Nextbit Systems for an undisclosed fee. This could be the first result of that acquisition. It makes sense for Razer to produce a smartphone geared towards a device made for gaming, which makes sense given that Razer is a gaming company. Extra RAM ought to help with that, but it’s by no means a guarantee that this phone will perform better than its competitors. Ultimately, what’ll matter is how well the whole package has been optimized.

Even with the existing audience of gamers who might be interested, it’s a competitive time to launch a new smartphone. Apple’s iPhone X is imminent and Google has just revealed the Pixel 2. November 1st was mentioned in the tweet on Razer’s offical page , we can expect some updates, announcement or release news on that date.








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