Larian Studios Baldur’s Gate 3 Announced for Google Stadia & PC

Google’s first Stadia Connect presentation came with a wave of announcements. Confirming that several new games will be available on the platform during Google’s pre-E3 event . One of those Games that came with a bang , Was Baldur’s Gate 3 .

One of the best RPGs ever created that fans have been waiting for since Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows . The long-running Baldur’s Gate series created by BioWare in the ’90s and is the first main game in the series since the since since 2000 . A a game that has been nearly 20 years in the making.

You can watch the new Trailer below

The sequel is being developed by Divinity: Original Sin 2 creators Larian Studios. and follows the Siege of Dragonspear expansion for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, which came out in 2016.

A PR spokesperson said the following .

The Game builds on the material and storylines from Baldur’s Gate (1997) and Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000). Murder in Baldur’s Gate, and in the events in that adventure result in Bhaal, the God of Murder, returning.

You do not play as the main character from Baldur Gate’s II, and Larian and Wizards aren’t saying if you’re a Bhaalspawn or not. It’ll be a single-player and multiplayer game (as were the originals played on LANs.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Vincke confirmed that Baldur’s Gate 3 is “going to be single and multiplayer, and that [players] are going to be able to play the campaign cooperatively, because that’s something that we pioneered in the Divinity Original Sin series”. He went on to add that he thought this was a really important feature, saying “I think it should be part of every single RPG that comes out to be honest”.

Larian’s using D&D 5th Edition for the foundation and Vincke thinks players will be surprised by how many systems the developer will give them to play with as they trek across the Sword Coast.

More information on Baldur’s Gate 3 should become available as the game’s development progresses.

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