Free Game Trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda  on all platforms. Available right now 

Free trial for Mass Effect Andromeda on all platforms. Available right now

BioWare announced on Twitter that everyone across all platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC can try out the Blockbuster  RPG Game for  free right now.

Click here to access your free trial 

BioWare Montreal has been working hard to fix as much as they can. They did this by releasing a number of patches aimed at fixing this issue, as well as other more minor glitches . A post on the game’s website confirms that the trial lets you play for 10 hours.


PlayStation 4
Xbox One

The Andromeda free trial is similar to the EA/Origin Access , That members have had access to for months now. It reportedly fully lets you try out the first planet in the game , With support for both single-player and multiplayer. All your progress will carry forward to the full game,  If you decide to Buy it after the trial ends.

According to sources, many of the studio’s employees have been moved to nearby EA Motive, where work is ongoing on Star Wars Battlefront II. The remaining staff at BioWare Montreal will help to support BioWare’s other projects.  Mass Effect: Andromeda’s mixed reception may have temporarily put a nail in the coffin of the once excellent sci-fi series.

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