New Hive Camera Launched by British Gas – Hive Connected Home Range

If you’re always worrying about safety & Security in and around your home home. Then the new Hive Camera might be the perfect solution for you. Centrica ,the company which controls British Gas in the UK , Has launched a new member of the Hive Connected Home smart family . Which consists of , Smart light bulbs, Smart plugs, sensors And Smart thermostat Allowing control  of your home from your phone.

New Hive Camera


The Hive Camera allows  you watch what’s going on in your home over a direct High definition 24 hour Live stream. They’re various ways you can view the live footage . By using the dedicated mobile app, which can also be used to record all movement in and around  your property , Which also includes logging the time and date. The information will be stored locally and can be retrieved at any time using the dedicated app.

The camera also contains a a high sensitive sensor that tracks motion and automatic audio detection, while the camera has night-vision functionality allowing recording at night or day . Also can be triggered by sounds like a police siren, a dog bark, or a ringing alarm.

There’s even two-way audio functionality, which means that you can listen in, as well as speak through the camera, Which is a nice feature if you have pets or even . Better to scare off burglars, Nina Bhatia, Managing Director of Centrica Connected Home, said: “Hive Camera allows people to feel as if they’re at home even when they’re not – by seeing and hearing what’s happening through their smartphone, and participating in what’s going on in the home through audio, too. These are benefits customers have told us they want.”
Bhatia continued: “Customers can expect further innovative Hive products and services over the coming months, as Centrica continues to extend its smart home offering.
You can pick up the new Hive Camera for £129 in the UK, but it doesn’t go on sale until June 29, 2017.

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