Nintendo News & Games:  Switch owners set to be happy as console rises over Xbox One 

THE NINTENDO Switch Console is now overtaking the Xbox One in key markets, This success could result in a expanded games list , With development teams jumping on board to ride the wave of the consoles success!More news has confirmed this week that the Nintendo Switch is now outselling the Xbox One in the UK. According to the latest sale information , Which shows the Switch is currently ahead of Microsoft’s gaming machine for 2017 sales. publisher, Christopher Dring, has confirmed the news, revealing that things are looking interesting going into the holiday season.

“UK sales of Switch are slower compared with other markets. But doing ok  ” he revealed on Twitter. Currently ahead of Xbox One for the year (but well behind PS4).”

As mentioned above, while the Nintendo Switch is outselling the Xbox One, it’s nowhere near the level Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is accomplishing at the moment , Or what the xbox one x will achieve .

“They’re closer than they are in other markets. But PS4 is far away No.1 in the market,” Dring added.

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The UK is a key platform for the gaming market and will prove a big boost for Nintendo, who are still in the process of providing further third-party support for their new device.

It should be noted, That Microsoft still have the release of the Xbox One X this year, which would have an affect on overall Xbox One sales this year , With people opting to wait for the most powerfull console every created . A lot of Indie developers have been pointing out that sales of their games have been going  well on the Switch, sometimes performing better than on all other consoles.

It was recently revealed that Wonder Boy on Switch has outsold all other platform versions combined, including XboxOne, PS4 and PC. Oceanhorn is another title that has reportedly done better on the Switch, with developer FDG Entertainment confirming that it has sold more copies on Switch than all other consoles combined.

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Discover some of the unique and innovative experiences world-class indie developers have in store for Nintendo Switch during the Nindies Showcase., Nintendo’s Damon Baker, head of publisher & developer relations, gave an update on how the company hopes to continue their strong Nindie trend.

“If they’re granted access into the developer portal and given the tools to develop on Nintendo Switch… We just have that open dialogue with them and try and work on our release strategy so that we can get behind it with marketing and promotional support and make sure they aren’t going to get lost in the noise of everything else that’s going on,” he confirmed.

It was recently revealed that the Nintendo Switch is back in stock in the UK, but that there could be problems at Christmas.

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GAME tweeted that it had Nintendo Switch bundles available in store.

“Back in stock! Get the Nintendo Switch from only £279.99!”

Likewise, Amazon still has the Nintendo Switch in stock, and is offering next day delivery – although not through Prime. For just 274.99 [ Click here to see offer ]

Argos also has the Nintendo Switch in stock, and customers are able to order now and pick up on the same day, depending on the store . But while this sudden burst of availability is good news for fans, Nintendo has hinted that there could be problems at Christmas.

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