Observation : A New Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Game Is now Available!!

Observation a new sci-fi horror thriller game by
Devolver Digital and uk developer No Code Receives a new launch trailer.

Inspired by the masterpieces of the genre like 2001 A Space Odyssey or Gravity, the horror sci-fi thriller Observation will put us through the lens of SAM, the artificial intelligence of a space station . While operating the station’s control systems, cameras, and tools to assist in discovering what is happening to the station. To ensure the safety of the remaining survivors .

Different unusual events will happen that will involve different members of the crew. The developer has gone for something a little more straightforward from a structural perspective. Observation covers just a single storyline.

You can watch the new Launch Trailer below

Digital CFO Fork Parker Said the following

“Computers are eventually going to kill us all so I applaud developer No Code on tackling the tough issues and also trying to make some cash off that fear,” said Devolver

You can buy the game today on the Epic Games Store and the PS4 today, but before you try it out, here’s a little more info on the game and the launch trailer.

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