Xbox One X Confirmed price , PS4 Pro pending price drop

Xbox One X

For anyone who watched the anticipated Microsoft’s E3 2017 showcase, you’ll know that the Xbox One X was the main focus for the company. Not only it will be the most powerful Gaming console ever launched , it will also becomes a big rival to Sony’s Ps4 Pro system . Which has already been confirmed to be selling within It’s estimated target sales. The one big worry for Microsoft now is if their rivals decide on a major price drop for any of their consoles. There’s no way that this will happen with the Nintendo Switch, having only just launched this year, but the same can’t be said for the PS4  or PS4 Pro. The  Developers behind upcoming title ‘ELEX’ have raised the idea at E3  telling Wccftech: “[The Xbox One X is] cheap for what’s inside.


The big question on everyones lips at the moment is How many people are really going to Pay for a enchanced xbox one console ? . Also if sony drop the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro to just $350 . That could create a extra obstacle for microsoft to climb . This is definately a concern for Microsoft leading up to the Xbox One X release date. Although Sony themselves have yet to mention anything in connection with a PS4 Pro price drop. A reduction in the price of the PS4 base model was predicted to be announced at Sonys E3 conference but nothing emerged . The Xbox One X is launching on November 7 with a final confirmed price of £449 in the UK – it has been dubbed the most powerful Gaming console in the world by Microsoft. Which is £100 more than the rival PS4 Pro, But i reckon this will not stop the console selling millions of units .

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DFC Intelligence predict that by the end of 2021 the Xbox One X will have sold 17 million in units in their projected forcast , And by the end of 2022 it will have sold over 20 million units. They Also predict the total lifetime sales for the Xbox One will be 63 million units corrlating with current buying trends , But This is all just a technical analysed assumption As nobody knows how the Xbox one x will do in the market. While it is a healthy number But More worryingly for microsoft , Sony announced after their E3 2017 conference that the PS4 has already sold more than 60.4million units worldwide since its release.

The Xbox One X Pre Order pages may have gone live , But that doesn’t mean you can actually pre order one yet. For anyone interested in getting the upgraded Gaming console early . The duration between the full announcement and release date has become quite a real wait . When a new product is announced Many retailers will put Pre Order pages live. This has happened with the Xbox One X , however fans cannot actually use these pages to order yet. The reason for this has been explained and boils down to one simple fact, The console hasn’t even been approved for sale yet. As the official Microsoft website confirm no sales will begin until this has happened and this isn’t something out of the ordinary.

This console has not even been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. It cannot be sold until FCC approval has been obtained.”The PlayStation 4 was in a similar situation, After it was announced in February, Gamers had to wait until July to actually put money down on one. Microsoft have already confirmed that they will start rolling out pre orders later this year, although a wait time has not been revealed. UK retailer GAME has posted an update on their website saying that Xbox One X Pre Orders will be coming “soon”.

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