Xbox Launches New ‘Greaseproof’ Controllers To Celebrate Full Release Of PUBG

The Xbox Australia team has created a limited edition greaseproof Xbox controller,  to celebrate the full launch of PUBG on Xbox One. Check out the New trailer  below which has been created for the PR stunt to celebrate the launch playing on PUBG’s “winner winner chicken dinner” slogan which appears to winners at the end of a game.

Gaming and snacking go together like Mario and Luigi , But greasy mitts can be the difference between leading your team to victory and missing those vital shots .

The new Greaseproof controller, as you can see in the above video, using the same colour scheme as the traditional. The Greaseproof 1.0 controller is a reference to the message PUBG players receive when they win a match: Winner winner chicken dinner. assisting players in their fight for elusive, yet tasty, chicken dinner victories.

The controller has been finished with a “patented coating that is resistance to roast chicken grease , “impervious to minor scratches, and water water,,” it also just looks really greasy with the shiny coat.



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