Smite : Persephone Queen of the Underworld New God Revealed

This mysterious trailer from Smite has fans on the edge of their seat awaiting release August this year. Tinged with dark undertones, Persephone tells us with intrigue about her incoming descent to the underworld, Kingdom of her husband, Hades.

You can watch the new Trailer below

The game offers a cast of over 100 Gods to choose from, and Persephone is lining up to be a real game changer. Her unusual skill set includes high sustain, and the option to tend to her garden of death, granting various special abilities. Harnessing the powers of life and death, this remarkable new character is due to join the Battleground soon! From what we have seen so far, Persephone skills offer a groundbreaking new take to the game. Players use her passive ability to harvest seeds, which power her abilities. Not only does harvesting seeds grant the player bonus gold, it also enables Persephone to fight after death, granting an 8 second buff rendering her invincible to incoming damage and crowd control effects, making her completely untargetable.

During this time she deals 50% extra damage! Persephone has the ability to plant seeds into the ground, which can either be picked up or activated using an auto attack. Leaving these growing for different periods of time will grant different effects. Tier one grants players a small amount of health. Tier two when activated explodes the seeds into a large AOE, and activating a tier three seed will summon a small minion plant who will assist her in chasing and defeating enemies.

Smite Persephone Queen of the Underworld New God Revealed

The character is seriously lining up to be one to watch. Whilst micromanaging the garden and her abilities may be time consuming and a little fiddly at times, when done properly she is sure to be a strong contender. Persephone features a two-directional movement ability enhancing her chase escape and escape skills. Her entrancing yet formidable personality is not one of pride, but humility. Wise far beyond her years, her sleek intelligence seeks to dismantle the Gods of Olympus with patient efficiency. Persephone’s ultimate ability is a spectacle to behold, erupting a formidable vine covered skull which traps enemy God’s on contact, also chaining nearby enemies.

When combined with other abilities, this is guaranteed to be an excellent game tactic, especially as the only way to escape is to attack the vines. Sadly we have no word yet on a release date for this exciting new God, however streamers continue to be blown away by her abilities while testing, many claiming they already favour her as a new main, simply for how innovative and exciting her gameplay is. Hopefully between now and her release Smite are able to iron out any last minute fixes for what is lining up to be one of the most exciting character releases yet!

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