The release date for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts was announced today by CI Games  .

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts developed by CI Games , is the Latest entry in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series  . Players will continue to play the role of an expert  sharpshooter this time in a Siberia’s wilderness . To act under contract, taking on customised tasks with the aim of completing specific challenges to obtain the relative rewards. The game is set to be released worldwide on November 22nd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However, the vast world from the previous instalment will not return. Instead, the developers propose separate locations tailored to each job – along the lines of the Hitman cycle, though enriched with side missions. The Siberian setting will also force players to deal with adverse weather conditions, which will most often have a decisive impact on visibility and on the management of the firing line.


There will be a total of five regions varied in terms of landscape. We will use various strategies when approaching the goal. The hero is not only a great shooter, but he can also sneak.The drone known from the third part will return, which will help in many situations.New in Contracts is the “dynamic crosshair” system, which is to improve the feelings associated with aiming and shooting. The game will offer a multiplayer mode.

You can watch the Latest Trailer below .

The latest trailer takes place in a harbour that’s sure to be a sniper’s delight. Going by the name of Black Gold, this is the second of five unique regions present in the game, each based on actual locations deep in the heart of Siberia. Defined by its wide-open spaces, Black Gold is the perfect locale to test out Contracts’ brand new sniping mechanic, the Dynamic Reticle System, which enables players to better manage the ballistics and atmospheric conditions of their every shot.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 22nd.

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