Snk’s Samurai Shodown Eleventh character Trailer introduces Tam Tam

Tam Tam, a warrior from a South American village called Green Hell

The return of Samurai Shodown is only 19 days away from its official release in the West, And is one of the most anticipated fighting games of 2019 . As we get closer to the release date SNK has revealed it’s eleventh character trailer which introduces the Hange Zange bladed warrior Tam Tam.

You can watch the new trailer below !!!

Here the official overview of the character, via Athlon Games:

Welcome Tam Tam, a warrior from a South American village called Green Hell. As a kind-hearted young man with strong family bonds, he enjoys peace and spending time with his little sister. But when danger comes knocking, Tam Tam straps on his divine mask to unleash a unique fighting style that incorporates his massive stature and signature Henge Hange Zange blade. When his community is in danger, Tam Tam is always ready—making him his village’s greatest warrior and hero.

Samurai Shodown is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25 in the Americas and Europe, and June 27 in Japan. Switch and PC versions are planned for release in Q4 2019. Click here to pre order the GAME

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