State Of Decay 2 For $10 / £8 , Unlock Secret Specialized Skills , Tips & More

Microsoft’s  State Of Decay 2 is finally here , The zombie  apocalypse survival game is like no other . The game combines base-building mechanics, and the possibility of  four-player multiplayer , Like the iconic game   ‘‘Left 4 dead”.

Microsoft’s Game Pass will allow gamer’s to play any  future Xbox exclusive going forward, State of Decay 2, like Sea of Thieves will be included in Microsoft’s Game Pass, A subscription service that gives you access to a ton of games for $10 / £8 a month.  With a potential new Gears of War and other AAA games on the horizon , Game pass seems like great value !!!!

You would still need to buy those extras in-game updates , as a Game Pass customer to gain all the extra goodies of the Ultimate Edition. which is likely a marketing / buisness strategy by microsoft . State of Decay 2 is also a play anywhere title, so getting it on Game Pass also means you get the PC version, complete with cross-progression.

State of Decay 2 Skills

In State of Decay 2, you manage a whole community of survivors, and each member has their own unique traits and stats. The way these systems intersect impacts the efficiency of your community, and while the game doesn’t telegraph them too strongly, there are menu systems where you can view how a character’s behavior might be impacting your community.

Characters you play as will have four major Skills, which are the following:

  • Cardio
  • Wits
  • Fighting
  • Shooting

State Of Decay 2 For $10 / £8 , Unlock Secret Specialized Skills , Tips & More

There’s also a fifth Skill that some characters may or may not have, entirely at random. This includes Skills like Mechanics that gives you a bonus to repairing vehicles, Craftsmanship, Chemistry and Gardening to name but a few. These Skills appear to come entirely at random in State of Decay 2, and there’s often no telling how they completely work.

There are seven total levels to each of these Skills, and you’ll be continually levelling up these Skills through fighting and exploring. You’ll level up Cardio as you sprint, Wits as you loot, Fighting as you land melee hits, and Shooting for every bullet that you fire.

State of Decay 2 Specialized Skills

It may take a while, but you’ll eventually max out one of these Skills, and that’s where Specialized Skills come into play. When a Skill reaches its maximum level of seven, you can Specialise it by choosing one of two new Skills to obtain. You can’t go back on this option once you’ve selected it, so you’ll need to carefully ponder your options here.

State Of Decay 2 For $10 / £8 , Unlock Secret Specialized Skills , Tips & More

Here’s all the Specialized Skills you can unlock for each character, and the bonuses they grant:

  • Marathon – Sprinting costs no Stamina when you’re carrying a light load.
  • Stealth – Grants much quicker stealth kills.
  • Sword Play – Grants an instant kill when you attack and grab a zombie.
  • Backpacking – Adds one more inventory slot for your pockets.
  • Discipline – Lets you regenerate +5 Stamina on each melee kill.
  • Endurance – Grants a health boost and makes injury severity 50 per cent less.
  • Weapon Handling – Lets your character resolve weapon jamming quicker.
  • Sharpshooting – Makes all shots pierce through enemies.
  • Gunslinger – Reduces the Stamina cost of snap aiming.
  • Agriculture – Grants +1 food item per day for your base camp.
  • Herbalism – Adds +1 medical item a day for your base camp.
  • Munitions – Adds +3 ammunition to your base camp per day.

These are all the Specialized Skills that we’ve managed to uncover so far in State of Decay 2. If we unlock any others we’ll update this guide with all the relevant information straight away.

State Of Decay 2 For $10 / £8 , Unlock Secret Specialized Skills , Tips & More

General State of Decay 2 tips and tricks

Without spoiling the joy of discovery, here are a few other gameplay tips to help you get going with State of Decay 2.

  • Take a look through the settings menu to see if there are features you’d like to tweak. I disabled tutorial messages pretty early on. You can enable the ability to pause too by setting multiplayer to “offline” in the settings menu.
  • If there’s a zombie on the ground, executing them (LB + X on Xbox One) grants a momentary period of invincibility.
  • Cars are a precious resource. Make sure to keep them maintained with repair kits and gasoline, and utilize their trunks to transport large amounts of resources. With the right facilities and facility mods, cars can be upgraded into Mad Max-style death machines.
  • Try to ensure all of your characters get some time in the field to boost their skills, it’ll improve their morale too.
  • When you hit maximum stars on a skill proficiency, you can level it up and take a talent. You can put your cursor over the skill to see what new passive skills you’ve gained, and any new combat moves.
  • When fighting zeds, always pay attention to your stamina. If you hit zero, you’ll become fatigued, and unable to perform any serious actions for quite a while. This can be deadly
  • Always take time to clear out nearby infestations. It reduces the threat level against your base, and improves the morale of your base.
  • If you attack a plague heart, make sure you stock up for a fight. Plague hearts are powerful bullet sponges, protected by many infectious plague zombies. Every time you kill a plague heart, the other plague hearts on the map get stronger.
  • Sadly, State of Decay 2 doesn’t have dedicated servers. So if you attempt multiplayer, try to do so with friends who live relatively near your physical location. If you’re not hosting, the client-side lag will be unbearable over long distances.
  • Do. Not. Try. To. Run. Over. A. Juggernaut. With. A. Vehicle.

There are quite a few potential bases scattered around the three maps in State of Decay 2, and all of them offer excellent options for expansion. Picking the right base comes down to personal preference, though the more expensive a base is, the better it will be for the long-term.

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