Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 trailer is full of Action

Stranger Things Season 2

Today at San Diego Comic Con, Netflix premiered a new trailer for it’s highly anticipated second season of its supernatural show Stranger Things season 2.  And from what we’ve seen, there’s plenty more ‘80s nostalgia. But the Upside-Down — and the monsters within it — is coming for Will Byers and everyone he loves.

We got our first glimpse of season 2 back in February during the Super Bowl. That brief teaser showed that the show was still mining the 1980s for nostalgic purposes, promising to turn the world upside-down, along with some bigger, stranger monsters.

This trailer makes particularly effective use of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, using Vincent Price’s classic, funky voiceover to ratchet up the horror appeal . And of course, the show isn’t done with Eleven yet, showing her pushing her way out of the upside-down back into our world.

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it was bumping the show’s return up by a couple of days to October 27th, releasing a poster that revealed that there’s still plenty of Stephen King references to look forward to.

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