Studio MDHR’s Cuphead – The Xbox One game looks like nothing else.

Cuphead  is amazing hand drawn 2D side-scroller

There are very Few video games that are as graphically  gorgeous as Cuphead . An upcoming Xbox One and PC game. Cuphead shows off  excellent animation style  Graphics , The run-and-gun platformer may take its cues from 1930s cartoons, but it’s fully mired in modern convention, especially as it will finally be touching down on the Xbox One.  The game is hand-drawn something few games pull can off, And no games do it as well as “Cuphead.” But what’s the game about? What do you do in “Cuphead”?

Cuphead is a 2D side scroller ,  remember Super Mario Bros. ?  That’s a 2D side scroller.  Cuphead is reminiscent of games from the Super Nintendo golden era in terms of how it plays.

Here’s The newest trailer for cuphead + 5 mins of Gameplay

Beyond just platforming, there are levels where Cuphead takes to a prop plane and flies around while shooting down enemies. If you ever played games like “Super R-Type” on the SNES, you’ll be familiar with this style of “bullet hell” shooter.

cuphead xbox one game


Rather than jumping on the heads of your foes (a la “Super Mario Bros.”), Cuphead and his compadre Mugman have handguns. I mean that literally — their hands shoot bullets.  In many ways, “Cuphead” is a mash-up of classic games like “Super Mario Bros.” and “Contra” with a large pinch of “Steamboat Willie”-era Disney animation thrown in.

 due 29th September



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