LG and Technicolor Team Up to Make the Most Accurate TV Even Better

LG has fully invested itself into oled technology in a big way. The company has made Big waves Over the last few year’s showing & shocking the industry  with the possibility’s that can Oled can achieve.
Especially Last year with the introduction of the 2016 line of  oled televisions which were more highly accurate then previous oled’s !!! This  included the B6 , C6 , E6 AND G6 which received a studio reference quality rating from Display Daily.

2017 c7 oled

Consumers have been waiting for a new display technology  Since the production OF Panasonic’s Plasma range.  Arguable some of the best TVs ever produced so far , Panasonic Plasmas ended several years ago, Which left consumers eager for new technology after the innovations of LCD and led were unable to create the colour accuracy. depth and clarity plasma could !!!
After last years 2016 model’s it seems  like we are finally there with better colour accuracy and perfect blacks .

Lg oled c7

LG announced at cesc 2017 they would be working with Technicolor to expand their color accuracy and HDR integration. The first results of those collaboration are here with the new 2017  line of OLEDs a the E7, G7, and W7, along with the lower end C7 and B7 and the ultra-large SJ line.

LG had Francis Ford Coppola do an introduction to OLED technology last spring, and his words still apply here.

By selectively turning off an entire pixel OLED is able to deliver darker blacks than you can get with any LCD backlit panel, And comes the closest to the plasma black levels we all fell so hard for a decade ago. The LG televisions have the potential to reproduce color and brightness very accurately for filmmakers. Combined with the wide viewing angle offered by oled this make them a great choice for post editing suites. Of course consumer televisions will drift more than professional units and need more frequent calibration,

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