Ubisoft Beyond Good & Evil 2 – New Combat and Spaceship Gameplay , Jade ditched

Ubisoft hosted a stream on Twitch for the upcoming Beyond Good & Evil 2 Which opened the curtain  a little further on the massively ambitious  near-mythical Beyond Good & Evil 2 ,

Thanks to a live stream update from  a trio of developers led by creative director Michel Ancel .  Last year We had a lovely CGI trailer at E3, but we’ve known since Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced that we’ve got a long wait on our hands . 

For a peek, check out the video embedded below.

Michel Ancel explained the game’s narrative timeline and showed off work-in-progress footage of combat, player movement , Michael also  revealed  that you  won’t play as Jade in the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2, but players will  beable to make their own character instead. Also he divulged some details about how character creation/ customization works.

This is a departure from the original, which featured the human female Jade as the player character. The developers noted that they want to give players more freedom and choices in this Beyond Good and Evil.

 Ubisoft Beyond Good & Evil 2 - New Combat and Spaceship Gameplay , Jade ditched

The stream also showed a short clip of gameplay that featured a character flying a ship and jumping across airborne vessels. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will focus on being a captain of a spaceship. You can recruit characters from the world to join your crew. The stream also revealed that Jade was born before the events of Beyond Good and Evil 2, giving us a better idea of where the prequel fits into the world’s timeline.

 Ubisoft Beyond Good & Evil 2 - New Combat and Spaceship Gameplay , Jade ditched

The first Beyond Good and Evil came out in 2003. Although it was not a strong seller, it attracted a cult following that fell in love with its anthropomorphic animal-filled sci-fi world. Ubisoft teased Beyond Good and Evil 2 in 2008 with a trailer that featured Jade, but the publisher said little about the game since. It still sounds like we’re a ways from actually playing this at home, though.

A lot of what was talked about and shown off was incredibly ambitious , Much like last year’s surprise E3 debut. With no platforms announced for the game, the fidelity of the pre-alpha footage combined with where we are in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s lifecycle, maybe don’t expect to play the full-fat version of Beyond Good & Evil 2 on current hardware. With E3 around the corner, at least we won’t have to wait too long for more info.

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