Watch Dogs Legion Receives New Gamescom 2019 Trailer Showing off New Footage and Detailing Character Perks

The ‘Play as anyone’ feature in Watch Dogs Legion is the focus of this brand new gamescom 2019 Trailer

Ubisoft’s action packed new trailer for Watch Dogs Legion has dropped for Gamescom 2019 and it doesn’t disappoint. Set in modern London, we discover more about how players utilise the everyday citizens of London to build their resistance team – with he aim of staging a rebellion on an authoritarian government.

Watch the new Trailer Below :

The trailer introduces us to a deranged alcoholic who takes half damage as long as he’s recently had a drink, a renowned lawyer whom we can use to our benefit, and a senile elderly man who’s rifle skills are second to none, but may drop dead at any moment. There’s always a catch, right? Try not to get too attached to anyone – permadeath for all playable characters in this game means once you’re gone you’re gone!

In Watch Dogs Legion, you can play as anyone. Everyone you encounter in London can be recruited, by helping them with a mission – referred to as their ‘origin story’. Once recruited characters can be assigned a class based on their unique stats (or not if you prefer to do things the hard way!), can be used as a playable character in missions and open world, and can progress through the game, leveling up and unlocking new skills.

Watch Dogs Legion Receives New Gamescom 2019 Trailer Showing off New Footage and Detailing Character Perks

The threat of permanent death looms, so if you have an agent you are particularly attached to, you have the option to have them hand themselves over to the authorities. Whilst your agent is apprehended and out of harm’s way, you have the ability to spring them from behind bars with the assistance of Sue, top notch lawyer. She does this automatically without the player having to lift a finger. Having friends in high places pays off!

Watch Dogs Legion vs 1 & 2 4k upscaled Early Graphics Comparison

Fans anxiously await the release of Watch Dogs Legion which is due to hit screens on March 6 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. I can’t wait to run riot on this game when it drops!

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