Big Xbox One Update ability to edit the home screen and copy all games to an external hard drive

Xbox One Update ability to edit the home screen is already out for some.

Update: The New function of being able to edit the home screen and move all games at one time is now available to Xbox Alpha Insiders. Here are the patch notes.

xbox one home screen


The New update that allows users  to customize their  home screen and copy all games to an external hard drive will be comming to xbox soon. Xbox Dynasty spotted the new upcoming feature on Xbox’s Insider Hub.

The listing reads:

• Copy all games & apps: With the latest update, it will be easier to copy games back and forth. Once you have copied your entire game collection to the external hard disk, you can enjoy the “Copy / move all” selection.

• Edit your start screen: The look and feel of the new dashboard has been updated to set speed. In addition, individual customization options are brought into focus. With the latest update, you can easily change your home screen (Home) and customize it to suit your needs. Friends or favorite games can also be placed on the home screen. The box is then placed on the start screen and this can be moved like the pins.

The Guide has also been changed once again, and like the previous revamp, speed is the emphasis. In this version, tabs are horizontal, rather than the current vertical arrangement, and it features an “action center” that houses a link to system settings, among other things.

One other change includes a redesigned Community tab on the Home screen that shows you more at once. Like the main Home screen, you can customize what’s displayed using a filter system.

this is a great new function that many Xbox One users have been waiting months to hear. While being able to copy all of your content in a single action is a much needed feature, Me personaly i’m looking forward to having the ability to edit My start screen. I definitely want to customise my layout and  certain things i use often. What are you looking forward to the most?

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